Welcome to the Second Chance Animal Rescue
We are supposedly a nation of animal-lovers yet every year thousands of animals are abandoned, often for no good reason. The lucky ones end up at rescue centres - the fate of the others is often much worse!

So why home an animal?

Firstly you provide a home for an otherwise unwanted animal. You can find almost any breed and a large selection of crossbred animals available for homing. Remember, you don't have to have an animal from infancy to get enjoyment and companionship from them.

Animals respond to loving caring owners and will give you unlimited hours of interest, entertainment and loving friendship.

A pet really completes a home and provides an interest for children, teaching them responsibility and animal welfare.

It has been medically proven that in many cases animals can have a therapeutic effect with certain medical conditions, illnesses and disorders.

Animals provide companionship for the elderly and those living alone.

Let's face it! We could all do with more excercise. In a nation where more of us are turning into couch potatoes a dog will get us out walking in the fresh air, improving our physical health and mental wellbeing.

So what is the next step? How do I go about homing an animal?

First you have to find an animal - see our 'How to Apply' section to view our procedure and find links to other organisations that might be of help.
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