Finding Out Whether Your Dog Can Be A Therapy Dog

Therapy dogs have become very popular nowadays.They can help people who have mobility problems or stay with children who are autistic. They are the best companions for those who are lonely.

Therapy dogs have proved to be very effective in helping people in various situations.To be a therapy dog, the breed is not a factor. Any breed of dog can become a therapy dog as long as he has the willingness to help others.

If you see that the dog is coming forward to greet you and doesn’t mind if you touch his mouth or ears, then he can be a good pick for therapy purposes. While giving training see if the dog is paying full attention.

Notice if it is reacting adversely to any noise. If not, then you will know that he can be a good therapy dog.

Many therapy dogs are picked at a young age as they are easy to train. But you can also train older dogs, especially if they are well-socialized and have good temperaments. Even dogs with disabilities can become good therapy dogs if they behave well.

People with physical challenges will relate to dogs with disabilities. This will help to create a special bond.

If you want to adopt a shelter dog for therapy training, ensure that the dog has undergone the necessary training. They must learn obedience skills. That way you will feel comfortable with the dog.

If you ever want to give away your pet as a therapy dog to a shelter, then you must first register to those appropriate organizations. You should tell them what kind of training you have given to the dog so that they know from where they will need to start their training.

You should also give them the dog’s medical history so that they know that the dog is fit for the job.

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